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Marvin Waschke, Personal Cybersecurity, 10.1007/978-1-4842-2430-4_1

1. What’s Biting Us

Who and What Does Cybercrime Hurt?

Marvin Waschke

(1)Bellingham, Washington, USA

When I hear the news about the latest computer security breach, I am so dismayed that I want to turn off my smartphone, tablet, and laptop and quietly lock them in the bottom drawer of my desk. But I don’t. I have designed and written computer software for decades, and I will not accept that the work that I and many others have done over the years is being subverted by disgruntled misfits, criminals, and thugs. I take a deep breath and think through what has happened and why it took place.

Turning off personal computers does not help much. Lapses in security in ...

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