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Marvin Waschke, Personal Cybersecurity, 10.1007/978-1-4842-2430-4_2

2. Why Is Computer Security So Weak?

Come On, Guys! Can’t You Do Better?

Marvin Waschke

(1)Bellingham, Washington, USA

The history of computers for the last 80 years has been a fall from innocence. The story begins in a protected place where computer crime as we know it today was non-existent. As the computing community delved deeper into the computer’s potential, the computing garden was gradually infiltrated by cybercrime. The Internet let in all comers, including those remarkably lacking in innocence, to an unprepared community, and the scene was set for cybermayhem. This chapter describes the road to mayhem.

The security problems of today are traceable to ...

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