Chapter 4

Introducing Life Coaching

In This Chapter

arrow Defining life coaching

arrow Finding your own happiness

arrow Meeting your inner coach

arrow Working out your current life priorities

People talk lots of hokum about life coaching. Life-coaching television programmes, magazines and newspaper columns range in quality from the powerful and inspirational through to the downright misleading and dangerous. True life coaching isn’t about some guru telling you how you should live. Yes, you may be tempted to bask in the comfort of an expert who can fix your life, your fashion sense, your body flaws and your emotional angst. But these fixes are too often like an elegant sticking plaster. Changes don’t last, unless a real change has come from deep within you. True life coaching enables you to call on your very own inner guru, any time, any place, with or without the support of another human being.

This chapter explains how coaching can work its magic for you and how it can help you manage the changes in your life, not just right now, but through all the shifting priorities of your journey.

A Brief Definition ...

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