Chapter 2

Overcoming Obstacles to Progress

In This Chapter

arrow Identifying healthy and unhealthy negative emotions

arrow Understanding the thinking, behaving and attention components of emotions

arrow Getting to grips with anxiety

arrow Tackling depression

This chapter aims to introduce you to some of the key differences between the unhealthy negative emotions you may experience and their healthy counterparts. The information we offer also helps you to discover ways to identify whether you’re experiencing a healthy or an unhealthy emotional response.

Exploring Emotions and Naming Your Feelings

If someone asks you how you feel, you may have difficulty describing exactly which emotion you’re feeling. You may not be sure what name to give to your internal experience, or perhaps you’re feeling more than one emotion at the same time.

warning_bomb.eps Don’t get caught up on words! When you start to make a distinction between healthy and unhealthy feelings, what you call them isn’t terribly important. The main point is to be ...

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