Chapter 5

Setting Your Sights on Goals

In This Chapter

arrow Defining your goals for emotional and behavioural change

arrow Living a healthy lifestyle

arrow Filling your time constructively

arrow Motivating yourself

arrow Looking after the positive changes you’ve made

If we had to define the purpose of therapy, its purpose would not be to make you a straighter-thinking, more rational person. Rather, the purpose of therapy is to help you achieve your goals. Thinking differently is one way of achieving those goals. CBT can help you change the way you feel and behave. This chapter helps you define your goals and suggests some sources of inspiration for change.

remember.eps Aaron Beck, founder of cognitive therapy, says that CBT is whatever helps you move from your problems to your goals. This definition emphasises the pragmatic and flexible nature of CBT, and encourages clients and therapists to select from a wide range of psychological ...

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