Chapter 3

Developing Your Emotional and Physical Confidence

In This Chapter

arrow Handling your emotions

arrow Paying attention to your moods

arrow Noticing how your body affects your thoughts and deeds

arrow Telling your truth with confidence

arrow Making the best impression

Think back over the last week, and you’re likely to recall running through a full gamut of emotions. Happiness, love, joy, fear, sadness, anger and guilt are all natural human responses in everyday life.

Emotions are important in building your confidence because they drive your behaviour and how you feel about yourself. They also have an enormous impact on your body and your health. When you get yourself in the best physical shape as well, you’ve a strong foundation for being your most confident best.

Confidence takes energy, and this chapter is about getting the energy flowing for you. It also helps you to get in tune with how you are experiencing the reality of life through how you feel – good and bad, up and down.

Getting a Grip on ...

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