Chapter 6

Developing and Growing

In This Chapter

arrow Developing yourself through change

arrow Understanding your powerful brain

arrow Putting play and purpose into your life

The changes that you make through coaching not only give you better results; they also help you grow as a person. In fact, even without the goal of improving your life situation, you constantly need to find new ways to grow, adapt and change, otherwise your enjoyment of life over time can diminish because you become used to the status quo. Coaching is a fantastic mechanism for personal growth. You can apply coaching to the process of your personal development, enhancing your ability to acquire new skills faster and more effectively, so that becoming wiser and more self-aware in itself becomes a whole-life goal.

How well you take on board new information and ideas, how much you seek to gain from fun and leisure time, and your focus on your spiritual well-being are all aspects of personal growth. This chapter focuses on how you can accelerate results in all areas of your life by harnessing your natural talents to soak up new experiences and integrate them into your world – and how you can discover what truly has meaning and ...

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