Chapter 20

On Air and in Print


check Recognizing the impact of the media and pundits on investors

check Deciding whether to tune in to radio and television investing coverage

check Surfing safely on the Internet

check Evaluating newspapers and magazines

check Finding the best investing books

We have too many options for finding radio and television news, websites, newspapers, magazines, and books that talk about money and purport to help you get rich. Tuning out poor resources and focusing on the best ones are the real challenges.

Because you probably don’t consider yourself a financial expert, more often than not you won’t know who to believe and listen to. I help you solve that problem in this chapter.

Observing the Mass Media

For better and for worse, America’s mass media has a major influence on our culture. On the good side, news is widely disseminated these days. So if a product is recalled or a dangerous virus breaks out in your area, you’ll probably hear about it, perhaps more than you ...

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