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Personalized Digital Advertising: How Data and Technology Are Transforming How We Market

Book Description

This is the first plain-English, 100% practical guide to supercharged digital advertising personalization: what's here, what's next, and how to make the most of it!

Digital advertising and marketing are undergoing a massive, data-driven transformation: practically everything you thought you knew about them is obsolete. In Personalized Digital Advertising: How Data and Technology Are Transforming How We Market, pioneering entrepreneur Diaz Nesamoney demystifies the newest technologies, showing non-technical marketers how to use them to precisely target every message to every individual.

First, Nesamoney explores the current state of digital advertising, reviewing best practices for maximizing personalization through long-familiar data and targeting technologies. Next, he introduces powerful recent innovations, presenting new best practices for deepening and extending personalization with:

  • New data management platforms

  • Advanced solutions for offline, mobile, and location data

  • Powerful new ad production and serving technologies

  • Nesamoney then previews emerging disruptive technologies and personalization approaches, from social data to new techniques for anticipating user intent. He concludes by introducing the Digital Advertising Technology Stack: a visual schematic showing how multiple products and technologies come together to radically improve advertising personalization and performance.

    Personalized Digital Advertising will be an indispensable resource for wide audiences of CMOs and marketing professionals, brand managers, media and creative directors, creative team members, and all students of digital advertising and marketing.

    Table of Contents

    1. About This eBook
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Dedication Page
    5. Contents
    6. Foreword
    7. Acknowledgments
    8. About the Author
    9. Part I: Digital Advertising, Continuous Disruption
      1. 1. The Talking Billboard
        1. Mobile Devices Become Personal Media and Sharing Devices
        2. Marketing Starts to Take Data Seriously
        3. There’s an API for That
        4. Social Media Teaches Us Marketing
      2. 2. Reach vs. Relevance
      3. 3. Digital Disruption: The Proliferation and Personalization of Media
      4. 4. Data in Advertising
      5. 5. The Customer Purchase Journey: Increasing Relevance and Engagement
        1. Matching Personalization to the Customer Path to Purchase
      6. 6. Targeting vs. Personalization
      7. 7. Native Advertising, Content Marketing, and Personalization
      8. 8. Dynamic Creative Optimization vs. Personalization
      9. 9. Twitter Comes to Display Advertising
    10. Part II: Dynamic Advertising Key Concepts
      1. 10. Data, Events, and Rules
        1. Data Signals and Events
          1. Profile Data
          2. CRM Data
          3. Environmental Data
          4. Real-Time Events
          5. Social Media Data
          6. Site/Cookie Data
          7. Search Data
          8. Contextual Data
        2. Combining Data Signals
        3. New Forms of Data
        4. Rules and Matching
      2. 11. The Role of Programmatic Platforms in Personalized Advertising
      3. 12. Ad Formats
        1. Banner/Rich Media Personalization
        2. Video Personalization
        3. Mobile Ads Personalization
      4. 13. Planning for a Data-Driven Dynamic Advertising Campaign
        1. Identify Key Data Signals
        2. Identify Specific Variables and Granularity of Signals
        3. Identify Trigger Conditions
        4. Ideate and Define Creative Canvas and Variable Elements
        5. Produce Creative
        6. Identify Key Metrics to Be Measured
        7. Identify Optimization Criteria
        8. Define Dynamic Data Signals
        9. Preview the Ad and Get Creative Approvals
        10. Handle Final QA and Launch
      5. 14. Measurement, ROI, and Optimization of Personalized Ad Campaigns
        1. Managing Costs for Personalization
        2. Optimization of Personalized Ads
          1. A/B Testing
          2. Multivariate Testing
          3. Artificial Intelligence/Predictive Algorithms and Machine Learning
    11. Part III: Technology for Personalization
      1. 15. Data-Driven Dynamic Ad Products for Publishers
        1. Publisher Data Integration
        2. E-commerce Companies Become Media Companies
        3. Device Companies Become Media Companies
      2. 16. Developing Big Data for Personalization
        1. Data Sources
        2. Developing a Personalization Data Store (PDS)
          1. Big Data Technology
          2. Creating a PDS
          3. Data Cleansing and Translation
          4. Data Schema for a PDS
          5. Other Data Sources and Derivative Data
          6. Inferences and Predictive Modeling
          7. Big Data: A Process, Not a Database
        3. Other Data Integration Technologies
          1. Cookie/ID Sync
          2. Cookie-Based Preference Profiles
        4. Challenges on Mobile Devices
        5. Data Management Platforms (DMPs)
      3. 17. Content Development for Personalization
      4. 18. Technology for Developing Data-Driven Advertisements
        1. Ad Development and Production the Old Way
        2. Dynamic Ads, Dynamic Ad Platform
          1. Component-Based Model for Ad Content
          2. Content Management System
          3. Ad Development Studio
          4. Personalized Ad Design Considerations
          5. Integrating with Data Signals
        3. Technology for Storing, Retrieving, and Managing Dynamic Assets/Content
          1. Feed-Based Assets
          2. Asset Databases
        4. Rule Evaluation and Execution
        5. Scalability Considerations
          1. API Response Times and Failure
          2. Asset Latency
          3. Matching and Rule Execution
      5. 19. Conversion Tracking and Attribution
      6. 20. Case Studies
        1. Major Liquor Brand Gets in the Moment
          1. Dynamic Creative Setup
          2. Measurement and Optimization
          3. Results and the Future
        2. Insurance Agents with a Personal Touch
          1. Results and Future Opportunities
        3. Global Hotel Chain Makes It Personal
          1. Results and the Future
        4. How to Follow a Soccer Team
          1. Results and the Future
        5. It’s Showtime!
          1. Results and the Future
        6. The Right Car for You
          1. Results and the Future
        7. Telcos Offer Choice
          1. Results and the Future
      7. 21. Privacy
      8. 22. The Future
        1. Time of the Day
        2. Location: Beacon Technology and Applications
        3. Privacy
        4. Trigger-Based Media Activation and Optimization
        5. Back to Media Upfronts Again?
        6. Social Media Platforms Lead the Way
        7. Apps, Apps, and More Data
        8. Minority Report Almost Here?
      9. 23. Industry Perspectives
        1. Gregg Colvin, Chief Operating Officer, Universal McCann USA, an IPG Mediabrands Agency
          1. Background
          2. New Data
          3. New Platforms
          4. Examples
          5. Success
          6. Transformation
        2. Karin Timpone, Global Marketing Officer, Marriott Worldwide
          1. Develop Good Definition and Understanding of Your Target Market
          2. Bring Together the Artists and the Scientists
          3. Test and Learn, Making Bets as You Go
          4. Ask Your Marketing Partners if They Have Similar Goals
          5. Consider the Overall Customer Experience
          6. Make the Readout Easy
        3. Peter Minnium, Head Brand Initiatives, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)
        4. Gowthaman Ragothaman, Chief Operating Officer, Mindshare Asia Pacific
    12. A. Sample Worksheets for Dynamic Ad Campaigns
      1. Personalized Ads Strategy Worksheet
      2. Trigger Worksheets
    13. Glossary
    14. Index
    15. Code Snippets