Persuasion & Influence For Dummies®

Book description

Many people want to gain trust or support in business and throughout life, but the true skill is doing so in a charming fashion! Whether you're convincing the boss about your much-deserved promotion or a busy restaurateur to offer a better table, the power of persuasion can help improve and increase your successes.

Elizabeth Kuhnke, author of the bestselling Body Language For Dummies, guides the reader through easy-to-implement techniques that can turn a timid person into someone bursting with self confidence and the ability to influence.

Topics covered will include:

  • The key elements in becoming more persuasive - body language, listening skills, using persuasive words and actions

  • Finding a common ground and establishing a connection with your audience

  • Capturing their attention and keeping them interested

  • Putting yourself across convincingly

  • Getting things done through others

  • Identifying the type of person you're dealing with - and responding in an appropriate manner

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Title Page
  4. Introduction
  5. Part I: Preparing to Persuade and Influence
    1. Chapter 1: Laying the Groundwork for Persuasion and Influence
      1. Defining Persuasion and Influence
      2. Figuring Out Your Desired Outcomes
      3. Embracing the Attributes of an Effective Persuader and Influencer
      4. Laying the Groundwork for Persuading and Influencing
      5. Gaining Inspiration from Others
    2. Chapter 2: Finding Common Ground with Your Audience
      1. Considering Yourself
      2. Understanding Others
      3. Building Rapport
    3. Chapter 3: Establishing an Emotional Connection
      1. Demonstrating Your Emotional Commitment
      2. Respecting Others’ Feelings
      3. Showing That You Care
    4. Chapter 4: Putting Together a Compelling Case
      1. Making Sense to Others
      2. Testing Your Ideas with Trusted Confidants
      3. Creating an Attractive Position
    5. Chapter 5: Establishing Your Credibility
      1. Developing Robust Relationships
      2. Reflecting Your Integrity
      3. Focusing on Feedback
    6. Chapter 6: Exhibiting and Exercising Your Expertise
      1. Developing Your Expertise
      2. Sharing Your Successes
      3. Showing Others the Way
  6. Part II: Developing Your Persuasive and Influencing Skills
    1. Chapter 7: Listening Actively
      1. Showing Others That You Value Them
      2. Brushing Up Your Listening Skills
      3. Gaining Additional Information while Listening
    2. Chapter 8: Gaining and Maintaining Your Audience's Interest
      1. Getting Others to Notice You
      2. Maintaining and Escalating Their Attention
      3. Going with the Flow: Your Listeners’ Attention Curve
    3. Chapter 9: Gearing Your Approach to Different Decision-Making Styles
      1. Knowing Who’s Who and What’s What
      2. Convincing the Charismatics
      3. Swaying the Sceptics
      4. Appealing to the Thinkers
      5. Urging the Followers
      6. Winning Over the Controllers
  7. Part III: Picking the Right Approach
    1. Chapter 10: Getting Things Done with the Help of Others
      1. Highlighting Your Likeability
      2. Relying on Reciprocity
      3. Encouraging Follow-through on Commitments
      4. Following the Crowd
      5. Asserting Your Authority
      6. Playing Up Exclusivity
    2. Chapter 11: Leading by Example: Quietly Creating Big Change
      1. Expressing Your Disruptive Self
      2. Turning the Energy Around
      3. Getting Creative
      4. Building Strategic Alliances
    3. Chapter 12: Appealing to Other People's Drives, Needs and Desires
      1. Making the Most of Others’ Feelings
      2. Knowing Who You’re Talking To
      3. Cultivating an Unbiased View
      4. Establishing Goals and Expectations
  8. Part IV: Putting Persuasion and Influencing Skills into Practice
    1. Chapter 13: Getting Physical: Putting Body Language to Work
      1. Using Your Body as a Persuasive Instrument
      2. Speaking Effectively with Your Movements and Gestures
    2. Chapter 14: Perfecting Your Persuasive Voice
      1. Knowing Your Different Voices
      2. Building Your Vocal Foundation
      3. Paying Attention to Paralanguage
  9. Part V: The Part of Tens
    1. Chapter 15: Ten Sure-Fire Ways to Influence Anyone
      1. Establish Trust
      2. Set Out Crystal-Clear Goals
      3. Step Into the Other Person’s Shoes
      4. Behave Congruently
      5. Ask for More than You Expect
      6. Respect Your Relationships
      7. Build Your Case
      8. Offer Your Most Captivating Reasons
      9. Seek Common Ground
      10. Own Up to Your Weaknesses
    2. Chapter 16: Ten Ways to Persuade Electronically: Emails and Beyond
      1. Establishing Electronic Rapport
      2. Knowing What You Want to Say
      3. Getting the Subject Line Right
      4. Focusing on Your Reader
      5. Prompting Your Reader to Take Action
      6. Getting Your Spelling, Grammar and Spacing Right
      7. Including Good Links and Attachments
      8. Keeping in Touch with Lots of People
      9. Appealing to Emotions
      10. Remaining Respectful and Circumspect
    3. Chapter 17: Ten Ways to Persuade over the Phone
      1. Preparing Yourself
      2. Knowing the Purpose and Benefits
      3. Speaking Clearly
      4. Checking Your Attitude
      5. Smiling and Having Fun
      6. Treating the Other Person with Respect
      7. Tuning Your Antennae
      8. Eliminating Distractions
      9. Asking Questions
      10. Speaking to Several People at Once
    4. Chapter 18: Ten Essential Instruments for Your Persuasion Toolkit
      1. Rapport
      2. One-to-One Engagement
      3. Empathy
      4. Integrity
      5. Fine-Tuned Senses
      6. Flexibility
      7. Clear Outcomes and Goals
      8. Dynamic and Adaptable Body and Voice
      9. Credibility
      10. Creative Win–Win Solutions

Product information

  • Title: Persuasion & Influence For Dummies®
  • Author(s): Elizabeth Kuhnke
  • Release date: December 2011
  • Publisher(s): For Dummies
  • ISBN: 9780470747377