Appendix 3 Recommended reading

Here’s a list of books worth taking a look at. Some are about writing, but some are simply books I’ve mentioned in the text that in some way inspired or stimulated this book. Happy reading!

Baggini, J. (2008), The Duck that Won the Lottery (Granta Books)

Camp, L. (2007), Can I Change Your Mind? (A & C Black Publishers Ltd)

Cutts, M. (2009), Oxford Guide to Plain English (Oxford University Press)

Goldacre, B. (2009), Bad Science (Harper Perennial)

Lehrer, J. (2010), The Decisive Moment (Canongate Books)

Sutherland, S. (2007), Irrationality (Pinter & Martin)

Taylor, N. (2008), Brilliant Business Writing (Prentice Hall)

Weiner, E.S.C. and Delahunty, A. (1994), The Oxford Guide to English Usage (BCA)

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