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Pet Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots

Book Description

This new entry in the From Snapshots to Great Shots series will teach readers everything they need to know about photographing their pets. Like all books in the series, the book will offer instruction on basic photographic technique, discussing exposure settings, lighting, equipment, etc. Then the book will dive into working with various types of animals, posing them, capturing action shots, and working with multiple subjects.

From Snapshots to Great Shots is a beautiful how-to photography series that provides the perfect blend of instruction, inspiration, and reference for specific camera models and photography concepts. Featuring a clear, elegant design; outstanding images that educate and inspire; and a friendly, accessible voice, this series helps photographers get great shots every time they pick up their camera.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction
    1. Why I Photograph Pets
    2. Who Should Read This Book
    3. What This Book Covers
    4. The Assignments
  7. 1. Ten Tips for Pet Photography
    1. Quick tips to get you started
    2. Poring Over the Picture
    3. 1. Focus on the Eyes
    4. 2. Be Patient
    5. 3. Set Up Beforehand
    6. 4. Know Your Subject
    7. 5. Use the Right Lens
    8. 6. Use the Depth of Field
    9. 7. Change Perspective
    10. 8. Turn Off the Flash
    11. 9. Hand Out Rewards
    12. 10. Stay Safe
    13. Chapter 1 Assignments
  8. 2. Photography Basics
    1. The fundamentals of light and digital photography
    2. Poring Over the Picture
    3. Poring Over the Picture
    4. The Importance of Light
    5. Types of Light
    6. Qualities of Light
    7. Measuring Light
    8. Exposure
    9. Composition Basics
    10. Chapter 2 Assignments
  9. 3. The Gear
    1. The right gear for the job
    2. Poring Over the Picture
    3. Cameras
    4. Lenses
    5. Flashes
    6. Accessories
    7. Chapter 3 Assignments
  10. 4. Working with Animals
    1. The do’s and don’ts when photographing pets
    2. Poring Over the Picture
    3. Poring Over the Picture
    4. Safety First
    5. Signs of Stress
    6. Pre-Shoot Planning
    7. Chapter 4 Assignments
  11. 5. Action Photos
    1. Capturing your pet in action
    2. Poring Over the Picture
    3. Poring Over the Picture
    4. Watch, Learn, Anticipate
    5. Working Outside
    6. Working Inside
    7. Showing Motion: Panning
    8. Chapter 5 Assignments
  12. 6. Pet Portraits
    1. Creating a portrait of your pet
    2. Poring Over the Picture
    3. Poring Over the Picture
    4. Choosing a Good Location
    5. Using Available Light
    6. Using a Flash
    7. Posing Pets
    8. Capturing Pet Personality
    9. Chapter 6 Assignments
  13. 7. All Creatures Great and Small
    1. Helpful tips for photographing specific pets
    2. Poring Over the Picture
    3. Poring Over the Picture
    4. Photographing Dogs
    5. Photographing Cats
    6. Photographing Horses
    7. Photographing Birds
    8. Photographing Fish
    9. Photographing Rabbits
    10. Photographing Reptiles and Amphibians
    11. Photographing Rodents
    12. Chapter 7 Assignments
  14. 8. Working with Challenging Subjects
    1. The young and old, multiple pets, and people with their pets
    2. Poring Over the Picture
    3. Poring Over the Picture
    4. Working with Puppies, Kittens, and Other Young Animals
    5. The Challenges of Older Animals
    6. Photographing Multiple Pets
    7. People and Their Pets
    8. Chapter 8 Assignments
  15. Appendix. Working with Rescue Organizations
    1. A Great Way To Practice and Give Back
    2. Photography Can Help Shelters
    3. Choosing the Right Rescue
    4. Rescue Photography Tips
  16. Index