Peter F. Drucker on Globalization

Book description

Managing in a Globalized Economy

In this collection of essays, renowned management thinker and teacher Peter F. Drucker guides leaders on how to find opportunities and make the right decisions in a business context that is increasingly global.

This collection delivers a set of urgently needed lessons on how business leaders today can manage through complexity and volatility—and make the wisest possible choices while balancing the perils and promise of globalization. Using in-depth stories and examples from a diverse range of sectors, industries, and geographies, Drucker offers managers insight into:

  • The global economic trends impacting world trade
  • The productivity of the global workforce
  • Managing major organizational decisions in a turbulent environment

Both timely and enduring, Peter F. Drucker on Globalization is a forward-looking guidebook packed with practical wisdom.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Publisher’s Note
  6. Preface: The Future Is Being Shaped Today
  7. Interview: A Talk with a Wide-Ranging Mind
  8. Part I Economics
    1. ONE The Changed World Economy
    2. TWO America’s Entrepreneurial Job Machine
    3. THREE Why OPEC Had to Fail
    4. FOUR The Changing Multinational
    5. FIVE Managing Currency Exposure
    6. SIX Export Markets and Domestic Policies
    7. SEVEN Europe’s High-Tech Ambitions
    8. EIGHT What We Can Learn from the Germans
    9. NINE On Entering the Japanese Market
    10. TEN Trade with Japan: The Way It Works
    11. ELEVEN The Perils of Adversarial Trade
    12. TWELVE Modern Prophets: Schumpeter or Keynes?
  9. Part II People
    1. THIRTEEN Picking People: The Basic Rules
    2. FOURTEEN Measuring White-Collar Productivity
    3. FIFTEEN Twilight of the First-Line Supervisor?
    4. SIXTEEN Overpaid Executives: The Greed Effect
    5. SEVENTEEN Overage Executives: Keeping Firms Young
    6. EIGHTEEN Paying the Professional Schools
    7. NINETEEN Jobs and People: The Growing Mismatch
    8. TWENTY Quality Education: The New Growth Area
  10. Part III Management
    1. TWENTY-ONE Management: The Problems of Success
    2. TWENTY-TWO Getting Control of Staff Work
    3. TWENTY-THREE Slimming Management’s Midriff
    4. TWENTY-FOUR The Information-Based Organization
    5. TWENTY-FIVE Are Labor Unions Becoming Irrelevant?
    6. TWENTY-SIX Union Flexibility: Why It’s Now a Must
    7. TWENTY-SEVEN Management as a Liberal Art
  11. Part IV The Organization
    1. TWENTY-EIGHT The Hostile Takeover and Its Discontents
    2. TWENTY-NINE The Five Rules of Successful Acquisitions
    3. THIRTY The Innovative Organization
    4. THIRTY-ONE The No-Growth Enterprise
    5. THIRTY-TWO Why Automation Pays Off
    6. THIRTY-THREE IBM’s Watson: Vision for Tomorrow
    7. THIRTY-FOUR The Lessons of the Bell Breakup
    8. THIRTY-FIVE Social Needs and Business Opportunities
  12. Afterword: Social Innovation—Management’s New Dimension
  13. Acknowledgments
  14. Index

Product information

  • Title: Peter F. Drucker on Globalization
  • Author(s): Peter F. Drucker
  • Release date: May 2020
  • Publisher(s): Harvard Business Review Press
  • ISBN: 9781633699625