Chapter 2

Non-aqueous Titrations


Boyle first recorded the insolubility of the water soluble salts in alcohol. In 1912 Folin and Flanders titrated the acidic substances by using the non-aqueous solvents such as benzene, chloroform and chloroform-methanol mixture. Conant and Hall in 1927 described the behaviour of bases in glacial acetic acid. Lowitz first prepared the moisture-free solvents (non-aqueous solvents). Vorlander first proposed the non-aqueous titration method that is titration of aniline with the HCl in non-aqueous solvent, that is, benzene. The steps involved in the non-aqueous titrimetric method are proposed by the Tomicek. Fritz first used this method to distinguish the aromatic and aliphatic amines by using the perchloric ...

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