Note: Page numbers in italic indicate a figure and page numbers in bold indicate a table on the corresponding page.

abstraction, identifying opportunities 7274

actions 8586, 185; at the organizational level 159

activity-based models 69

actualism 85

aesthetic critique of imagination 130131

affordable loss 193

Africa, entrepreneurship in 145

agency 8990; entrepreneurial project 6971; ‘entrepreneuring’ 114; in entrepreneurship 57; normativity 113; and structure 9091; voluntarism 9091

agent relativization 10

Aïssaoui, Rachida 2

alertness 5859, 72, 128

ambiguity: of postcolonial discourse 99; as requirement for entrepreneurship 67; and risk 2728; see also uncertainty

analytic philosophy 19n1

“the ant trap” 14

anxiety, imagination as ...

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