Rolando Carrasco M.

Jesuit Mission and the Globalization of Knowledge of the Americas: Florian Paucke’s Hin und Her in the Province of ‘Paraquaria’ During the Eighteenth Century

I am grateful to my colleagues José Carlos Rovira, Claudia Comes and Eva Valero Juan for their kind invitation to take part in the conference “América y los jesuitas expulsos” (Centro de Estudios Literarios Iberoamericanos Mario Benedetti, Universidad de Alicante, September 2015), at which I presented a first version of this article. In addition, I thank Sina Rauschenbach, Roberto Aedo, Enrique Corredera Nilsson and Settimio Presutto for their critical reading and bibliographic recommendations. This article was translated by David Sánchez Cano.

Rolando Carrasco M., Universität ...

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