Children are one of the most pleasant and popular photographic subjects. For many people, this subject is seen as the easiest—nothing could be more wrong.

It is not easy to shoot interesting, original, capturing-the-unique-moment photos. That our image was this unique, best reflects the mood of the moment. But first, you have to be patient.

Children should be photographed for many reasons, but mainly because they grow quickly, and the photos are a unique memorial; memories of their childhood.

Natural behavior. When photographing children, you should primarily try to capture their natural, sincere emotions. You should not encourage children to pose, nor should you encourage them to behave in certain ways. Focus instead on the observation of natural behavior of children in front of the camera. You should accustom children to the presence of the camera in their daily lives. They should be unaware that they were photographed.

Point of view. What is the best perspective from which to photograph children? Without a doubt, you should photograph children from their perspective. We try not to look at children “from above.” The deliberate use of a different perspective can sometimes provide a unique picture, but this should not be the rule.

Emotions are worth shooting. When photographing children, do not limit yourself only to the preservation of smiles. Let’s appreciate the ...

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