17 Off-camera flash

Get creative

Wedding: Bride and Groom Waving

I had a few minutes with the bride and groom after I had taken their group shots, so we decided to have a bit of fun. I used two flashes to pick out the two chairs in this scene. You can use flashes to highlight certain areas of shots, don't limit yourself to lighting the whole image.

Adam Bronkhorst

The Idea

What's so great about off-camera flash then? Well for a start, it can give you the look of expensive studio lights and offer up a whole host of creative options that you just don't get with on-camera flash. On top of that, chances are you have already invested in the most expensive bit of kit—the flashgun.

The Ingredients

  • ▶ Any camera
  • ▶ A flashgun, or two, or three ...

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