31 Children

Carefree play and a natural smile

Head Off

It's all in the perspective.

Hailey Bartholomew

The Idea

Take photos of kids that are fun and real and make you smile. Remind yourself what it's like to be a kid and have that carefree spirit. Play with photography and play with the subject, Capture kids in their natural guise-being kids!

The Ingredients

  • ▶ Any camera
  • ▶ Children
  • ▶ Sense of fun

The Process

Photographing kids can be very tricky, This is usually because children simply don't want to sit and look at the camera. I have one daughter who loves to model and one daughter who has a serious case of "ants in her pants." This has given me an enormous amount of practice experimenting with different ways to get kids to come alive and be ...

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