8 Landscapes

Just you and the scene

Kevin Meredith

The Idea

Landscape photography is one of the more relaxing types of photography. You don't have to worry about people adversely affecting your images; it's just you and the big wide world.

Dungeness Huts

Half The battle in getting good landscape photos is finding a great location. Use online maps to help you in your search.

The Ingredients

  • ▶ Any camera
  • ▶ Tripod
  • ▶ Shutter release
  • ▶ Wide open space
  • ▶ Good pair of walking boots

The Process


Composition is really important for landscapes, so spend some time considering it. If the horizon is going to be obvious in your image, don't put it in the middle of your composition unless there is a really good reason to. It's better to give more ...

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