Photo Recipes Live: Behind the Scenes, Part 2

Video description

Scott Kelby, author of the best-selling The Digital Photography Book, once again brings to life his “Photo Recipes” chapter—not just from this book, but from his smash best-selling follow-ups, volumes 2 and 3. In this two-hour video, Scott shows you exactly how it’s all done, from scratch, without holding anything back. If you’ve ever wondered how the pros use natural light, studio light, and even direct daylight to get those amazing shots, you’ll see it all here, live, as it happens. For this follow-up to the incredibly popular first volume of Photo Recipes Live, Scott heads to Miami—both on location and in the studio—to re-create the looks he describes in the book, along with some bonus lighting set-ups that aren’t in the book. Everything is put together from scratch (from studio shots to location shots), all while the cameras are rolling— you see it all from the very beginning so you’ll be able to re-create those same looks without spending thousands on expensive high-end equipment. Best of all, Scott explains everything in simple, plain English, just like he’d tell a friend, using the same casual, conversational style that made his series of books a worldwide sensation. If you’ve ever wondered “how they do it,” you’re about to find out in this amazing video that shows how easy this all can be—once you know the secrets.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction 00:01:02
  2. Natural Light Shot 00:07:55
  3. Lifestyle Portrait 00:16:27
  4. One-Light Setup 00:15:21
  5. Through the Window 00:04:17
  6. Using a Beauty Dish 00:08:43
  7. Hard Light 00:07:49
  8. Building a Reflective Shot 00:06:45
  9. Spiderlites 00:09:01
  10. Create Your Own Shade 00:02:55
  11. Direct Sunlight 00:05:09
  12. Action Shot 00:13:34
  13. Off-Camera Flash Shot 00:08:55
  14. Dramatic Fashion Shot 00:10:02

Product information

  • Title: Photo Recipes Live: Behind the Scenes, Part 2
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: September 2011
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 0132810042