Creating Your First Show
Adding Titles and Text
Adding Titles and Text
At a minimum, youll want to have a title slide
for your show to let your viewers know what
theyll be seeing. Even if it’s a family vacation,
years down the road it will be nice to know
when and where the photos were taken.
e simplest title slides consist of just text
with no images or e ects.
To create a new title slide:
1. Select the  rst slide in the Slide List.
2. Choose Slide > Insert > Title Slide (or
right-click the  rst slide and choose
Insert > Title Slide).
3. ProShow creates a new blank slide for
you, and the Slide Options dialog appears
with the Captions category and Caption
Settings tab selected (Figures 2.17a and
Figure 2.17a The Captions options are located in the
Slide Options dialog. The Caption Settings panel
in ProShow Producer offers more options than the
Caption Settings panel in ProShow Gold.
Figure 2.17b The Caption Settings panel in ProShow
Gold offers fewer options, but the basics of creating
a title are the same in both the ProShow Gold and
ProShow Producer editions.
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Adding Titles and Text
Chapter 2
4. Click the Captions  eld to select it, and
then enter your title (Figure 2.18). As
you type, the Preview panel will display
your text.
5. To change the font, choose one from the
Font list. You can also change the color
of the text and choose bold or italics.
6. To resize the text, you can enter a speci c
size in the Size drop-down menu or
simply drag the selection handles around
your text until you arrive at the size you
want (Figure 2.19).
7. Position the caption on the slide by
clicking within the selection handles
and dragging to the new location.
Figure 2.18 Enter the text for your title in the Captions
eld. You can include multiple captions, each with its
own properties.
Captions FieldCaption List
Figure 2.19 The easiest way to resize text for your
captions is to drag the selection handles until your
text is the size you want. As an alternative, you can
enter a specifi c size in the Size drop-down menu.
Font Size List
Selection Handles
Creating Your First Show
Adding Titles and Text
To create multiple-line captions with the
same style, press Enter, and align the text
using the Caption Placement options
(Figure 2.20). Centered is a good choice
for multiline captions.
If you want to apply di erent formatting to
your caption text on the same slide, youll
need to add multiple captions.  is enables
you to choose di erent fonts, colors, sizes,
and, as youll see in Chapter 3, di erent tran-
sition and motion e ects.
To add a second caption, click the plus (+)
button in the Captions panel (Figure 2.21).
Enter the text of the caption in the Captions
eld, and it will appear in the Preview panel.
To position the caption on your slide, use the
Caption Placement settings (Figure 2.22).  e
Position  elds use percentages for horizontal
and vertical placement.  e rst number is
the horizontal position. If you have set the
alignment to centered, entering 50 here will
center the text exactly on the slide. If you
choose left or right alignment, the text will
begin or end at the center of the slide.
Figure 2.21 Adding a second caption lets you change
the font and styling.
Figure 2.20 To align the text in multiline captions,
use the Alignment choices in the Caption Placement
Figure 2.22 The Position fi elds control the horizontal
and vertical placement of the text on your slide.

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