Making Your Shows Interactive
Menus and More
Figure 6.92 Select the Action drop-down
menu in the Caption Interactivity options.
Figure 6.91 Type your caption in the
Captions fi eld.
Figure 6.90 Open the Slide Options dialog, and select
the Captions tab to create a caption on your slide.
Making Your Shows
ProShow Producer takes captioning a step
further than ProShow Gold by allowing you
to specify interactive features for your cap-
tions. Where Gold limits active captions to
menu pages, with Producer you can make
any caption respond to a mouse click.
Producer also lets you control the  ow of
your slide show with Pause and Resume con-
trols, and you can even run other programs
while your show is running, returning to your
show when you exit the external application.
To add an interactive caption to your
1. Select the slide you want to place the cap-
tion on, and open the Slide Options dialog
by clicking the Slide Options button in the
toolbar or by double-clicking the slide.
If the Captions tab is not selected, click
Captions, and then select the Caption
Settings (Figure 6.90).
2. Create your caption by entering it in
the Captions  eld (Figure 6.91). In this
example, I’ve created the caption “Return
to Menu.
3. With the caption selected, click the
Action drop-down menu in the Caption
Interactivity controls (Figure 6.92). Youll
see there are many options, listed in the
Caption Interactivity Options sidebar.
4. Choose Return To Menu from the Action
drop-down menu (Figure 6.93).
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Figure 6.93
Select Return
To Menu in the
Action drop-
down menu
to assign this
command to the
Making Your Shows Interactive
Chapter 6
5. Add another caption to the slide by click-
ing the + button in the Captions options
(Figure 6.94).  e new caption in this
example is “More About  is Ship.
6. With the new caption selected, choose
Open URL from the Action drop-down
menu. In the Destination  eld, enter
(Figure 6.95).
When your show is run, highlighting of
the text when the pointer hovers over the
caption will indicate the active captions
(Figure 6.96).
Figure 6.96 Active captions are identifi ed by animated
text when the pointer moves over the caption.
Figure 6.95 Choose Open URL from the Action
drop-down menu, and enter a Web address as the
destination to let viewers link from your show to a
Web site.
Figure 6.94 Type a new caption for a second Action
Making Your Shows Interactive
Menus and More
To copy an active caption to multiple
1. Select the caption in the Captions list, and
click the Menu button. Choose Copy To
from the pop-up menu (Figure 6.97).
You can copy to all slides in a show, you
can copy to only the selected slides, or,
if you do not have any slides selected,
you can choose which slides to copy the
caption to. In this example, I want the
“Return To Menu” caption on all slides,
so I select that option.
Caption Interactivity Options
A number of options are available for captions:
Toggle Pause: Uses the same caption to toggle between Pause and Play with each click
Pause: Pauses show
Resume From Pause: Starts playback after pausing
Next Slide: Advances one slide in the current show
Previous Slide: Returns to the previous slide in the current show
Jump to Slide: Moves to a speci ed slide in the current show
Next Show: Starts playback of the next show
Previous Show: Starts playback of the previous show
Jump To Show: Starts playback of the speci ed show
Return To Menu: Returns the viewer to the menu screen
Exit: Stops the show and exits the player
Open URL: Launches the default browser and navigates to the speci ed Web page
Write E-mail: Launches the mail program
Run Program: Launches the speci ed program
Run Program + Exit: Launches the speci ed program and exits the player
Toggle Full Screen: Toggles the display between windowed and full-screen
Activate Full Screen: Changes the display to full-screen if current mode is windowed
Reactivate Full Screen: Changes the display to windowed if current mode is full-screen
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Figure 6.97 To copy a caption between slides,
select the caption, and choose Copy To from the
Menu button pop-up menu.

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