• Classic and Romantic

  • Contemporary

  • Photojournalistic Style

  • Preparing Parents for Their Child's Portrait

  • Portrait Planning

If you asked ten different photographers to photograph the same child in the same setting, you would have ten different interpretations of that same child. Just as the children you photograph, each photographer is unique in his or her view of the world. Some bring a fresh, hip perspective to their work with children, while others prefer to capture childhood in a more timeless, less trendy fashion. What is your style? Do you have one yet? While most photographic work can't simply be slotted into one category or another, it is helpful to make some broad generalizations when you're starting out to give you a point of departure for your own work.

No matter what style of photography inspires you, it's a good idea to try a little bit of everything when you start out. Learning to experiment with different locations and settings can give your inspiration a boost. This chapter shows you some ways to expand your skills and try some new styles.


Many parents appreciate portraits that reveal a sense of timelessness. The classic style of child photography has its roots in the paintings of the old masters. Drawing on the style of painters such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, and others, the classic and romantic style of children's portraiture ...

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