10: All Wrapped Up

It’s all about the details. You can deliver a diamond ring in a Cracker Jack box or a beautiful teal blue box tied in white ribbon. Same ring, but the perception is different based on the packaging. What do you want your presentation to say about you and the value of your work? It’s the final detail —yet one of the most important to consider.

The way you present your work will leave a lasting impression. Does it look expensive or does it look cheap? Packaging is all about perceived value and the final impression. Have you ever purchased a pair of shoes that had an individual bag for each shoe, or a purse that came in a beautiful bag of its own? Those details raised the value of the purchase and so does the way you package and present your portraits.

Each print should stand alone as a valuable work of art from the finish of the print to the way it is presented on an archival mount board to the tissue paper, box, and ribbon tied around it. The portraits are a gift that should be wrapped perfectly to make the people receiving them feel like they are getting something truly wonderful. This chapter is about creating that feeling for your client.

Packaging Considerations

How you package and present your final images is an important consideration when you deliver finished orders to clients. Beautiful packaging adds value to what you do and to your business. Mounted ...

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