Chapter 3. Castle Clinton

Castle Clinton

The front of Castle Clinton during a winter snowstorm. Taken at ISO 400, f/4.5, 1/80 second with a 40–170mm lens.

Why It's Worth a Photograph

Castle Clinton is a cornerstone of Manhattan's Battery Park located on the southern tip of the island. Built between 1808 and 1811, this circular fort was originally intended to defend New York City from British forces. Throughout its history, it has been a theater, immigration station, and public aquarium. Today, it is a national monument and serves as the ticketing station and Manhattan embarkation point for the Statue of Liberty ferries. Beyond the interesting structure of the fort, the waterfront and surrounding Battery Park offer excellent vantage points for the harbor, Staten Island Ferry, and Statue of Liberty at sunset. Adjacent to the structure is a myriad of monuments and memorials along with beautiful gardens and trees to incorporate into your imagery. This historic location is rich with opportunities to create beautiful photographs.

Where Can I Get the Best Shot?

There are three locations where you can get the best shots: the exterior of the fort, the interior of the fort, and on the waterfront.

Where Can I Get the Best Shot?

The best vantage points from which to photograph at Castle Clinton: (A) exterior, (B) interior, and (C) on the waterfront. ...

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