Chapter 20. Palace of Fine Arts

Palace of Fine Arts

A view of the Palace of Fine Arts taken late in the day on a clear summer afternoon. Taken at ISO 200, f/22, 1/30 second with a 14–24mm lens.

Why It's Worth a Photograph

A remnant of San Francisco's glorious past, the Palace of Fine Arts is an exquisite arts and science complex that thrives yet feels out of place in San Francisco's Marina District. This structure was built in 1915 for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, which celebrated the completion of the Panama Canal and the rebirth of San Francisco following the 1906 earthquake. Constructed as a temporary attraction, Bernard R. Maybeck took his inspiration from Roman and Greek architecture. What makes this worth a photograph is the contrast between the modern city and the Greco-Roman-inspired architecture that lures people to it with its unique beauty. A photo at night can give you a wonderful reflective scene of a dusky blue sky and a Roman-inspired palace. A photo after sunrise is full of the warm tones and soft light of the sun.

Where Can I Get the Best Shot?

The Palace of Fine Arts, located in the Marina District, offers the best location to photograph (see A on the map). Today, the Palace of Fine Arts remains a beautiful picturesque oasis that lures tourists in with its beauty.

Where Can I Get the Best Shot?

The best ...

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