Photography is a great way to see and experience the world in a more in-depth manner, and there's probably no where in the United States that offers as many historic photo opportunities in such concentration as Washington, D.C. If you want to put your photography skills to the test and learn new ones, Washington, D.C., is a great place to do so.

Who the Book Is For

This photography guide is meant to serve as both inspiration to get out there and take some incredible photos, as well as to get you started on where some of the classic and lesser-known vantage points are. Photography is all about individuality and being creative, so begin at these locations and then see what you find. With all there is to photograph in and around Washington, D.C., there's much to discover.

Along the way, this book provides tips that will help you use your camera to its best and help you make the most of situations that might arise. There is useful information about where you specifically can bring tripods (and more importantly, where you cannot), how to pack for certain locations where security checks are necessary, what lenses you may want to use, and some suggested settings for your camera.

Photographers are usually an inquisitive breed, so there is also information about a location's significance. As any professional photographer knows, it's important to know a lot about your subject, and while this guide certainly won't replace a good guide book, its aim is to provide some interesting insights ...

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