Φ (Phi): The diameter of the opening used to screw filters onto the end of a lens.

Adobe Camera Raw (ACR): Used to convert RAW image files into files that Photoshop and other software can open.

Aperture: The size of the opening in a camera lens, usually designated as an f-stop.

Blending mode: Determines how the pixels in two layers in Photoshop will combine.

Bokeh: Out-of-focus blurring.

Bracketing: Shooting many exposures at a range of settings. It often works better to bracket shutter speed rather than aperture.

Burn: To selectively darken an area in an image.

Channel: In Photoshop, a channel is a grayscale representation of color (or black) information. In the RGB color space there are three channels, red, green, and blue.

Close-up ...

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