Photographing Women

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Following up on the success of his first book, Photographing Men, photographer and author Jeff Rojas has created a companion book that covers everything you need to know about photographing women.

Unlike so many other books on the market that focus on photographing women—which are often just a collection of images that show different posing and lighting setups—in Photographing Women: Posing, Lighting, and Shooting Techniques for Portrait and Fashion, Jeff actually teaches you what you need to know in order to create great images.

In the book, Jeff first discusses the variety of face shapes and body types you’ll work with when photographing women. He then dives deeply into teaching you the posing, styling, and lighting techniques that will flatter your subjects and convey your intended message. In Photographing Women, you’ll learn:

• How to identify different face shapes, and how to decide on makeup and lighting choices based on those shapes

• The different body types that most women have—diamond, hourglass, rectangle, apple, etc.—and how best to flatter them

• All about “perceived flaws”—such as love handles and double chins—and what to do about them

• The difference between posing and directing your subjects

• How to style your subject appropriately, depending on the type of shoot (portrait, boudoir, commercial, etc.)

• How to pose your subject for standing, sitting, and lying poses

• The lighting techniques you need to know in order to create beautiful, flattering light in your photos

• And much more!

In the final section of the book, covering lighting, Jeff brings it all together and provides 21 unique lighting setups, working through a series of shoots that cover portrait, commercial, and fashion photography.

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Part I Defining Features
    1. Chapter 1 Face Shapes
      1. Before We Begin: My Ethical Responsibility
      2. Choosing a Lens
      3. My Method
      4. What I Learned from a Makeup Artist
      5. Square
      6. Round
      7. Triangular
      8. Oblong
      9. Oval
      10. Diamond
      11. Heart
      12. Finding Your Subject’s Face Shape
      13. Postproduction: Dodge and Burn
    2. Chapter 2 Body Types
      1. Hourglass
      2. Apple
      3. Pear
      4. Inverted Triangle
      5. Rectangle/Column
    3. Chapter 3 Perceived Flaws
      1. Before We Begin
      2. The Importance of Color and Matching Skin Tones
      3. Color Spaces
      4. Shooting
      5. Editing
      6. Delivery
      7. Skin Blemishes
      8. Eye Bags
      9. Redness or Rosacea
      10. The Ultimate Tool for Retouching: Frequency Separation
      11. Retouching Tools in Adobe Photoshop
      12. Acne, Scars, Wrinkles, and Stretch Marks
      13. Large Forehead
      14. Double Chin
      15. Glasses
      16. Symmetry
      17. White or Graying Hair
  3. Part II Posing and Styling
    1. Chapter 4 Understanding Body Language
      1. Body Language Made Easy
      2. Body Language of Women Versus Men
      3. Making Her Feel Comfortable
      4. Using Curves and Negative Space to Your Advantage
      5. Taking Up Space
      6. Analyzing the Subject in Her Environment
      7. Forget What You Learned About Posing
    2. Chapter 5 Standing Poses
      1. Finding Inspiration
      2. Additional Inspiration
    3. Chapter 6 Sitting Poses
      1. Beauty Poses
      2. Sitting Poses
      3. Additional Inspiration
    4. Chapter 7 Lying Poses
    5. Chapter 8 Styling 101
      1. Fit over Finish
      2. Styling for Portraits
      3. Hair and Makeup for Photo Shoots
      4. Styling Tools for Your Studio
    6. Chapter 9 Styling Difficult Features
      1. Fuller Figures
      2. Taller or Thinner Women
      3. Shorter Women
      4. Double Chins and Shorter or Wider Necks
      5. Long or Skinny Necks
  4. Part III Lighting Women
    1. Chapter 10 Introduction to Lighting Women
      1. The Properties of Light Made Easy
      2. Lighting Gear
    2. Chapter 11 Portrait Photography
      1. Portrait Versus Beauty Photography
      2. Beauty
      3. Classic Portrait
      4. Boudoir Overhead
      5. Boudoir Side Window Light
      6. Vintage
      7. North or South Window Light
      8. Dramatic Portrait
    3. Chapter 12 Commercial Photography
      1. Hair Campaign I
      2. Hair Campaign II
      3. Beautiful Skin
      4. Accessories and Shapes
      5. Jewelry Ad
      6. Commercial Portrait I
      7. Commercial Portrait II
    4. Chapter 13 Fashion Photography
      1. Traditional
      2. Dramatic
      3. High Key
      4. Lookbook I
      5. Lookbook II
      6. Jewelry Campaign
      7. Fashion Editorial
  5. Conclusion

Product information

  • Title: Photographing Women
  • Author(s): Jeff Rojas
  • Release date: December 2016
  • Publisher(s): Rocky Nook
  • ISBN: 9781681981765