11.3. How Can I Get the Best Shot?

It is a matter of isolating the structures or points of interest that you find most interesting when wandering the Indian Village. Remember that many other visitors are likely to be in the area, so if you go earlier in the morning or later in the evening, you will have a better chance of being alone.

11.3.1. Equipment

Using wide-angle lenses and getting close to the structures is one approach. Alternatively, you can use longer lenses and isolate those structures from afar. Lenses

If you take the approach of getting close and using a wide-angle lens, then you want to use lenses in the 14-28mm range. If you want to use longer lenses and isolate structures from afar, then lenses in the 100-300mm range work best. If you plan to photograph the interiors of any of the buildings (see figure 11.1), you need wide-angle lenses in the same range mentioned above.

Figure 11.1. The interior of the entrance to the ceremonial roundhouse located in the Indian Village. Taken at ISO 400, f/11, 8 seconds with a 17mm lens. Filters

The only filter you may need here is a polarizing filter to remove the reflections off the foliage. Extras

The most useful accessories you can have in this location are a tripod, cable release, and bubble level.

11.3.2. Camera settings

When photographing in the Indian Village, having the proper depth ...

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