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Photos: A Take Control Crash Course

Book Description

Updated December 11, 2017

Take control of your photo collection in Photos for High Sierra and iOS 11!

Get to know Apple’s Photos app and how best to use it to import, manage, edit, and share your photos in High Sierra and iOS 11! As the successor to Apple’s iPhoto app, Photos has a more refined interface and deeper connections to iCloud, and it runs faster. Following the expert advice of Jason Snell, publisher of Six Colors and former lead editor at Macworld, you’ll learn how to navigate Photos like a pro, including how to:

  • Migrate your library from iPhoto or Aperture (Apple’s discontinued professional photography app) into Photos
  • Import photos from devices or memory cards
  • Use multiple Photos libraries
  • Navigate the Photos interface, including the sidebar and icons
  • View or disable Live Photos
  • Organize your library by using enhanced search features, adding metadata, building albums, and creating smart albums
  • Edit your photos using quick-fixes like cropping, applying filters, and fixing red-eye and rotation problems
  • Use advanced editing techniques within Photos and edit using external apps like Photoshop
  • Manage your photo collection using the Memories and People features, and get summary views
  • Sync your photos with iCloud
  • View your photos on an Apple TV
  • Share your photos via social media, export them out of Photos, turn them into slideshows, or create printed objects (books, calendars, cards, prints)

Jason also highlights major new changes in Photos under High Sierra and iOS 11, including a redesigned interface, editing improvements, new support for external editing apps, upgrades to the Live Photos feature, and a smarter People feature.

This book, which is about the new versions of Photos that Apple released in September 2017, covers Photos for macOS version 3.0 in High Sierra, as well as Photos in iOS 11 and tvOS 11.

Table of Contents

  1. Read Me First
    1. Formats and Updates
  2. Introduction
  3. Photos Quick Start
    1. Find What’s New
    2. Import and Manage Photos
    3. Find Your Bearings
    4. Get Organized
    5. Perfect Your Photos
    6. Explore Your Collection
    7. Connect with Other Devices
    8. Show Off Your Photos
  4. What’s New in Photos
    1. Redesigned Interface
    2. Editing Improvements
    3. External Editor Support
    4. Live Photos Improvements
    5. Smarter People Feature
  5. Photos vs. iPhoto and Aperture
    1. Coming from iPhoto
  6. Import from iPhoto into Photos
    1. First Time’s the Charm
    2. Behind the Scenes
    3. Making the Move
  7. Import Your Files into Photos
    1. Decide on a Workflow
    2. Importing from a Camera
    3. About HEIF and HEVC
    4. Importing to iOS
    5. Raw vs. JPEG
  8. Use Multiple Photos Libraries
    1. Adding a New Library
    2. Switching Libraries
    3. The System Photo Library
    4. Which Library Is Which?
    5. Repairing a Bad Library
  9. Navigate the Photos Interface
    1. Focus on the Sidebar
    2. Browse Your Library
    3. Look Through Albums
    4. View Shared and Projects
    5. Live Photos
    6. Navigate Photos for iOS
  10. Add Info about Your Photos
    1. Play Favorites
    2. Organize with Keywords
    3. Hiding Photos
    4. Deleting Photos
  11. Add Names to People
    1. Find All Photos for a Person
    2. See Faces in iOS
  12. Use Search to Find Your Photos
    1. The Search Box Is Your Pal
    2. The Power of Categories
    3. Find Photos by Location
  13. Use Memories to Unearth Old Photos
    1. What’s In a Memory?
    2. Edit a Memory Video
  14. Make Albums in Photos
    1. Find Your Albums
    2. Make a New Album
    3. Add Photos to an Album
    4. Organize Your Albums
    5. Albums in Photos for iOS
  15. Define Smart Albums in Photos
    1. Create a New Smart Album
    2. Use the Info Window
    3. And Now, The Bad News
  16. Sync with iCloud Using Photos
    1. Set a System Photo Library
    2. Turn On iCloud Syncing
    3. iCloud Photo Library in iOS
    4. iCloud Photos on the Apple TV
  17. Make Quick Photo Fixes
    1. Auto Enhance
    2. Rotate
    3. Crop
    4. Add Filters
    5. Fix Red Eye
    6. Processing Photos in iOS
  18. Make Adjustments to Your Photos
    1. Adjust Your Photos
    2. 13 Ways to Adjust
    3. Edit Live Photos
    4. Edit Outside of Photos
  19. Share Your Photos
    1. Photo Sharing Methods
    2. Sharing Multiple Photos
    3. Exporting and Resizing Images
    4. Sharing Using iCloud
    5. Sharing from iOS
  20. View Photos on an Apple TV
    1. Scroll Through Photos
  21. Make Slideshows in Photos
    1. Create a Slideshow
    2. Play in Photos
    3. Save a Slideshow as a Video
    4. Make Slideshows in iOS
  22. Make Books, Calendars, and Cards
    1. Create a New Project
    2. Make Format Choices
    3. Use the Layout View
    4. Explore Layout Options
  23. Make Photographic Prints
    1. Order from Apple
    2. Print Photos Yourself
  24. About This Book
    1. Ebook Extras
    2. Registering Your Ebook
  25. About the Author
  26. About the Publisher
  27. Copyright and Fine Print