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Photos for Mac and iOS: The Missing Manual

Book Description

Apple’s new Photos app lets you do a whole lot more than simply store and edit pictures and videos on a Mac or iOS device. With this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn how to import, organize, and share your digital memories, as well as how to improve, print, and use your photos in creative projects. With Lesa Snider’s step-by-step instructions and expert advice, you’ll master Photos and tame your image library—and have fun along the way!

The important stuff you need to know:

  • Migrate from iPhoto. Learn how to make a quick and smooth transition.
  • Organize your collection with ease. Master the many ways to import, group, and categorize images—and set up iCloud Family Sharing.
  • Find your photos quickly. Employ Photos’ powerful labeling, keyword and facial recognition features to optimize searches.
  • Sharpen your editing skills. Skillfully use Photos’ impressive image- and video-editing tools on your Mac or iOS device.
  • Access photos anywhere. Sync your library to all of your Apple devices so your photos travel with you wherever you go.
  • Share them online. Show your shots to everyone on your list by using shared albums, creating web galleries, posting them on Facebook, and more.
  • Dive into creative projects. Build pro-level slideshows to share with others, and create gorgeous gift books, calendars, and cards.

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword
    1. Why Photos?
      1. Why Photos?
      2. Making the Move
  2. The Missing Credits
    1. About the Author
    2. About the Creative Team
    3. Acknowledgements
    4. The Missing Manual Series
  3. Introduction
    1. Photos’ Backstory
    2. What Photos Can Do
    3. Using Photos for iOS
    4. About→These→Arrows
      1. About the Online Resources
        1. Missing CD
        2. Registration
        3. Feedback
        4. Errata
    5. The Very Basics
    6. Safari® Books Online
  4. 1. Getting Started with Photos
    1. Getting the Photos App
      1. Your First Foray into Photos
    2. Migrating from iPhoto or Aperture to Photos
      1. iPhoto and Aperture Edits Become Permanent
      2. How Photos Handles Albums, Events, Projects, and Metadata
      3. Continuing to Use iPhoto or Aperture
      4. Merging iPhoto or Aperture Libraries
      5. Deleting iPhoto or Aperture Libraries
    3. Meet the iCloud Photo Library
      1. What Gets Uploaded
    4. Photos for Families
  5. 2. Importing Pictures and Videos
    1. The Two Faces of Photos
    2. Importing from iCloud
      1. iCloud Photo Library
      2. iCloud Photo Sharing
      3. My Photo Stream
    3. Importing from a Camera or Card Reader
    4. Importing Other Image Files
      1. Copied vs. Referenced photos
    5. Importing Files from Other Apps
      1. Importing Images from Apps that Don’t Share
    6. Importing Videos
    7. Fun with File Formats
      1. Raw Files
      2. Other File Formats
    8. After the Import
    9. Dealing With Duplicates
    10. Visiting Your Photos Library
  6. 3. Viewing and Organizing Your Images
    1. Photos’ Views
      1. Photos View
      2. Shared View
      3. Albums View
      4. Projects View
    2. Viewing, Opening, and Scrolling
      1. Resizing Thumbnails
      2. Opening Files
      3. Using Split View (Mac only)
      4. Scrolling Through Thumbnails
        1. Photos for Mac
        2. Photos for iOS
      5. Viewing Metadata
      6. Using Summarize View
    3. Selecting and Hiding Files
      1. Hiding Thumbnails
    4. The Wide World of Albums
      1. Creating an Album
      2. Adding files to an Album
      3. Viewing an Album
      4. Changing an Album’s Key Photo (Mac only)
      5. Renaming an Album
      6. Moving Files Between Albums
      7. Removing Files from an Album
      8. Duplicating Files
      9. Sorting Thumbnails in Albums
      10. Sorting Album Thumbnails
      11. Duplicating an Album
      12. Merging Albums
      13. Deleting an Album
      14. Smart Albums
    5. Using Folders
      1. Adding and Removing Items from Folders
    6. The Mighty Info Panel
    7. Deleting Pictures and Videos
      1. Viewing or Recovering Recently Deleted Items
    8. Accessing Your Photos Library on the Web
  7. 4. Finding Pictures
    1. Using Favorites
      1. Designating Favorites
      2. Viewing Favorites
    2. Searching by Text and Date
    3. Viewing Pictures by Location
      1. Finding Photos by Location with Smart Albums
    4. Using Keywords
      1. Adding, Removing, and Editing Keywords
      2. Viewing Keyword Assignments
      3. Getting the Most Out of Keywords
    5. Faces
      1. Tagging Faces
        1. Tagging Faces Manually
      2. Managing Faces Albums
  8. 5. Improving Your Pictures
    1. Editing Basics
      1. Entering Edit Mode
      2. Going Big: Full Screen View
      3. Browsing Thumbnails
      4. Adjusting Your View: Zooming and Scrolling
      5. Comparing Before and After Versions
      6. Undoing Your Changes
    2. Photos’ Editing Tools
      1. The Enhance Tool
      2. The Rotate Tool
      3. The Crop Tool
        1. How to Crop, Straighten, and Flip a Photo
      4. Applying Filters
      5. Making Adjustments
        1. Using the Adjustments Panel on a Mac
        2. The Mighty Histogram
        3. Light
        4. Color
        5. Black & White
      6. Advanced Adjustments
        1. Sharpen
        2. Definition
        3. Noise Reduction
        4. Vignette
        5. White Balance
        6. Levels
      7. Copying Adjustments
      8. Retouching Images
      9. Fixing Red Eye
    3. Editing Raw Files
    4. Beyond Photos
  9. 6. Slideshows and Movies
    1. Slideshow Basics
      1. Picking a Theme
      2. Choosing a Soundtrack
    2. Creating Instant Slideshows
      1. Instant Slideshows in Photos for iOS
    3. Saved Slideshows
      1. Creating a Saved Slideshow
      2. Deleting and Duplicating Slides
      3. Adding Text and Photos
      4. Exporting a Slideshow
      5. Sharing Exported Movies Online
      6. Burning Movies onto CDs or DVDs
    4. Working with Videos
      1. Playing Videos
      2. Trimming Videos
      3. Adjusting Slow-Motion Video
      4. Fun with Frames
      5. Sharing and Exporting Video
  10. 7. Printing Your Photos
    1. Printing at Home
      1. Resolution Matters
      2. Printing from Photos
    2. Ordering Prints Online
      1. Buying Prints from Apple
        1. Changing and Adding Print Sizes
        2. Adding and Deleting Images from Your Order
        3. Cropping, Editing, and Ordering Multiple Copies
        4. Finalizing Your Order
  11. 8. Sharing and Exporting
    1. Sharing via Email
      1. Emailing Photos from an iOS Device
    2. Sharing via Text Message
    3. Sharing Online
      1. Twitter
      2. Facebook
      3. Flickr
    4. Using iCloud Photo Sharing
      1. Turning on iCloud Photo Sharing
      2. Creating a Shared Album
      3. Adding Content to a Shared Album
      4. Deleting and Unsubscribing from a Shared Album
      5. Letting Subscribers Add to a Shared Album
      6. Managing Subscribers
      7. Publishing a Shared Album on the Web
      8. Downloading Shared Content
      9. Adding and Viewing Comments
      10. Family Sharing
    5. Sharing via AirDrop
    6. Desktops, Lock Screens, and Wallpaper
      1. Setting a Photo as Your Desktop (Mac)
      2. Setting a Photo as Your Wallpaper (iOS)
    7. Photos: The Best Screensaver in the West
    8. Exporting from Photos
      1. Exporting by Dragging
      2. The Mighty Export Command
        1. Exporting Unmodified Originals
        2. Exporting Videos
  12. 9. Creating Custom Books, Calendars, and Cards
    1. Creating a Book Project
      1. Step 1: Selecting Images
      2. Step 2: Choosing a Format and Theme
        1. Changing the Theme and Format
      3. Step 3: Customizing the Pages
        1. Removing and Replacing Pictures
        2. Adding Pictures
        3. Reordering Pages
        4. Adding and Removing Pages
        5. Changing a Page’s Layout
        6. Manipulating Pictures
        7. Page Backgrounds
      4. Step 4: Edit and Format Text
        1. Spell Checking
      5. Step 5: Preview Your Project
      6. Step 6: Buy the Book
    2. Photo Calendars
      1. Step 1: Pick the Pictures
      2. Step 2: Choose the Length, Start Date, and Theme
        1. Changing Settings
      3. Step 3: Customize the Pages
      4. Step 4: Final Inspection
      5. Step 5: Buy the Calendar
    3. Custom Cards
      1. Creating a Card
        1. Creating a Card
        2. Customizing Your Card
        3. Finalizing the Card
        4. Buying the Card
  13. 10. Managing Your Library
    1. Using Multiple Libraries
      1. Creating a New Library
      2. Switching Between Libraries
      3. Changing the System Photo Library
      4. Merging Libraries
        1. Merging Libraries Using iCloud Photo Library
        2. Merging Libraries with a Third-Party App
    2. Backing Up Your Files
      1. Backing Up to a Hard Drive
        1. Backing Up Manually
        2. Backing Up Automatically
        3. Using Time Machine
      2. Backing Up to CDs and DVDs
        1. Using a Burn Folder
  14. A. Troubleshooting
    1. The Big Takeaway
    2. Upgrading and Importing
    3. Organizing Troubles
    4. Sharing and Syncing
    5. Editing Woes
    6. Printing Problems
    7. General Questions
  15. Index
  16. About the Author
  17. Copyright