Creating Other 3D Objects

The flying postcard described earlier in this chapter is the simplest 3D object to work with, because it has no depth. The second-simplest 3D object to create and work with is 3D text or a 3D shape, which you’ll learn how to create in this section.

Making 3D Text

Creating a 3D object from some text is as simple as clicking the 3D button in the Options bar. To get started, activate the Type tool and add some text to your document and format the text to your liking (see Chapter 15 for details on working with text).


A 3D Type layer is very different from a normal 2D Type layer—it’s more like a 3D object rather than a string of text. You can still edit the characters and formatting as described below, but you can’t convert it back to a 2D layer. If you want to keep a copy of your Type layer handy for future use as a regular 2D Type layer, first duplicate the layer by dragging it onto the New Layer icon at the bottom of the Layers panel. You may also want to turn off its visibility so it doesn’t get in the way—just click its visibility eye in the Layers panel.

Once you’re happy with the text’s formatting, click the 3D icon at the far right of the Options bar. Photoshop converts the Type layer to a 3D Type layer, and displays all the 3D controls. The new 3D Type layer appears in the 3D panel, and in the Layers panel, the Type layer now has a 3D cube on its thumbnail. (If you don’t see the 3D icon in the Options bar, click your original Type layer in the Layers ...

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