Showing Off Your Work

Bridge CC includes a nifty slideshow generator that lets you quickly display your work onscreen. Previous versions of Bridge had even more features for showing off your work, including the now deceased Output panel for creating PDFs and Web galleries and the equally dead Export panel for automating the process of uploading photos to popular websites (such as Facebook, Flickr, and, as well as creating JPEG versions of raw files (though the latter can be done using the Image Processor Script, as described on Automated Resizing with the Image Processor).

This section teaches you how to create spectacular slideshows and if you (wisely) kept Bridge CS6 on your machine, you’ll also learn how to use the now-missing features mentioned above. Read on!


Keep your eyes peeled for a way to restore the AOM in Bridge CC (via a separate installation) so you can create PDFs and web galleries. For up-to-date info, download online Appendix A from this book’s Missing CD page at

Making a Slideshow

If you need to show your work to a client or family member, you can quickly filter for your top-rated images (flip back to Figure 23-4) and then have Bridge play them as a full-screen slideshow. Here’s how:

  • To start an instant slideshow, activate a folder or several images by Shift- or ⌘-clicking (Ctrl-clicking) them, and then choose View→Slideshow or press ⌘-L (Ctrl+L). That’s it! Your photos immediately appear onscreen, one after the other (each ...

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