Appendix . Colophon

The book was produced by the author and the design team using all Macintosh computers, including a Power Mac G5 Dual 2-GHz, a Power Mac G5 1.8-GHz, a Power Mac G4 1.25-GHz, a Power Mac G4 733-MHz, and a Power Mac G4 500-MHz. We use Sony Artisan, LaCie Electron Blue 22, and Apple Studio Display monitors.

Page layout was done using Adobe InDesign 2.0. The headers for each technique are set in 20 point CronosMM700 Bold with the horizontal scaling set to 95%. Body copy is set using CronosMM408 Regular at 10 points on 13 leading, with the horizontal scaling set to 95%.

Screen captures were made with Snapz Pro X and were placed and sized within InDesign. The book was output at 150-line screen, and all in-house proofing was done using ...

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