Chapter . The Tutorial to End All Tutorials

On these next six pages, I will reveal the single most-asked-for, most-talked-about, most-highly-sought-after Photoshop classic effect in the history of all Photoshop effects. Once you learn this technique, you can basically “name your price” and write your own ticket to fame and fortune. Ready? Let’s begin.

  1. Look, I’ve got to be straight with you right off the bat. This isn’t a tutorial. Okay, I know it looks like a tutorial (that’s the whole idea), but I just made it look like a tutorial because I know that if I did, you’d read it. But the sad truth is—this is actually the book’s introduction. Whoa! Wait—don’t turn the page. I know, I know—you want to skip the introduction and get to the tutorials (don’t ...

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