Photo to Sketch in 60 Seconds Flat

I learned the basics of this technique from Rich Harris, the creative guru over at Wacom Technology Co. He sent me a bunch of PDFs with some special effects he had come up with, and this one just blew me away, so I asked Rich if I could include it in the book. It does the best job I've seen yet of converting a photo into a color pencil sketch. But then, not one to leave well enough alone, I added some texture effects, and a mat border to create the effect you'll learn here.

Quick Tip: F5 is still here, baby!

Back in Photoshop 5 and 5.5, to bring up the floating Brushes palette, you'd press the F5 key on your extended keyboard. Well, when Photoshop 6.0 came out, the floating Brushes palette went away, and pressing ...

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