Chapter 19. Working with Type Masks


  • Examining type features

  • Using the type controls

  • Creating type

  • Generating and editing type masks

Type is an important part of the overall appeal of any layout that contains words and images. A word's appearance can communicate just as much to a viewer as does its meaning. Photoshop's has several features that control typographical characteristics.

There are tools that determine whether type is vertical, horizontal, or follows the curve of a pre-established path. The Character and Paragraph palettes specify all the basic type attributes. Type can be generated in layers, on paths, in boxes, and in type masks. In combination with Layer Styles and Filter effects, Photoshop's type features can offer unlimited possibilities for creating interesting type effects. This chapter shows you ways of working with type and how to use type masks to create cool effects that add character and interest to your images.

Examining Type Features

Photoshop generates fully editable type. If you need a single line of text, you can create type on a straight path called point text. You can also generate text on a predefined or curved path that can wrap around an area. If you want to confine your text to a specific area you can create type in a bounding box (called paragraph text) and then apply paragraph specifications such as indents and Space Before or After for even more control. You can also bend and distort text for with the warp feature, and you can generate ...

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