Chapter 16. Cloning and Healing Images on a Video Layer


  • Correcting video using the Clone Stamp tool

  • Correcting video using the Healing Brush tools

Adding filters, styles, and fill or adjustment layers can correct many of the inherent problems in video layers and create fantastic special effects, but sometimes you want to change the content of the actual video layer.

Video is probably even more prone to the problems that are common with photos: dust and scratches, unsightly backgrounds, or extra people in the shot. You can use the same Photoshop tools that you would use to fix these problems in your photos, the Clone Stamp and the Healing Brush tools, to do the same to your video layers.

Although these changes need to be made frame by frame, the addition in Photoshop CS3 of the Clone Source palette makes the job much easier. After you learn how these tools work in depth, cleaning your video will be second nature.

Using the Clone Stamp Tool to Correct a Video Layer

The Clone Stamp tool in Photoshop CS3 has made an incredible transformation from CS2 to become a much more powerful and useful tool. It is invaluable in correcting video layers, with its new features helping to take the guesswork out of taking spots, scratches, or eyesores out of your favorite video clips. I'll show you how the Clone Stamp tool works and how you can use it to change your video files frame by frame.

Cloning basics

Cloning is a method of removing unwanted areas of an image by copying, or cloning, another ...

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