Recipe 4.2. Simulating studio lighting

High-quality studio shots can be tricky to pull off when all that's available is a studio the size of a broom closet. However, with a little skill and imagination, it's possible to build a virtual studio around a model—and even add realistic studio lighting—with Photoshop. The key to this technique is the powerful Lighting Effects filter. Just follow these steps and the restrictive walls of that studio will soon fall away!


The majority of adjustments within the Lighting Effects filter dialog box take place within the preview window. First, make sure that the Preview box is checked, so you can gauge the results as you make adjustments. The circle with the handles around it defines the pool of light, with the highest concentration of light along the axis line bisecting the pool. The light can be moved by clicking and dragging the central spot in the light. Pull on the outer handles of the light to widen the pool of light, and use the handles aligned with the axis to control the range of the light. The Light Type and Properties sliders control the intensity of the light and the effect it has on the subject.


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