To open Bridge from within Photoshop:
Open Photoshop.1.
Select File2. Browse.
You can also open Bridge from within
Photoshop by clicking on the Bridge icon
found in the Options bar, circled in Figure
If you want Bridge to launch automatically
whenever you launch Photoshop,
you must change Photoshops default
preferences. To do this:
Open Photoshop 1.
Preferences. On a Mac, choose
PhotoshopPreferencesGeneral; in
Windows, choose EditPreferences.
Or use the shortcut: -K (Ctrl-K).
Check the box next to Automatically 2.
Launch Bridge” (circled in Figure 3-2).
The next time you launch Photoshop,
Bridge will launch as well.
Launching Bridge
Bridge is a standalone application that launches separately
from Photoshop CS3. It shares many of the attributes of the File
Browser found in earlier versions of Photoshop, but it has more
features and is designed to act as a central hub not only for
Photoshop, but also for all of Adobes Creative Suite products.
NOTE Since Bridge is an independent
application, it can also be launched
at any time directly from your
desktop or Start menu (Figure 3-3).
Figure 3-1
Figure 3-2
Figure 3-3

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