Chapter 2. Working with Color

After an image's tonal qualities are adjusted, you're ready to address any fundamental issues with color. In the beginning, color can be a complex concept to get your head around. The complexity grows when we add all the ways that we can deal with color in Photoshop CS3. In this chapter, I explain what color is, tell you how to set up color management in Photoshop CS3, and give you the primary tools to use when working with it. By the end of this chapter, you'll have the knowledge you need to begin taking control of color in your Photoshop workflow

Calibrating Your Monitor

Before we get down to the nuts and bolts of color, we need to be sure that we're all seeing things the same. Think about this for a moment: You've seen banks or televisions in electronics stores where every TV is displaying the same channel in different colors. When you buy a TV, you don't really worry about those differences. You simply want a TV that looks good when you get it home. No one will be comparing your TV to his and wondering why they don't look the same.

We run into the same phenomenon when dealing with digital images: Not all computer monitors display tonal information and color the same. Unlike TV sets, this can be ...

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