Chapter 9. Starting with the Scan

When we talk about photo restoration, we're usually thinking about damaged prints from yesteryear that need some TLC so they can be preserved for future generations. The magic that happens with modern restoration techniques is digital, so these old photos need to be converted to digital files before we can work on them. The good news is that converting paper prints to digital files is easy; All you need is a scanner.

A few years ago scanners were expensive and difficult to master. Today they're everywhere and easy to use. Because of this ubiquity, we sometimes lose track of copyrights and find ourselves on the wrong side of the law. In this chapter, we cover the subject so you'll know what your rights and responsibilities are when it come to copyrighted material.

As I mentioned, scanner technology has come a long way. But it still helps to know something about how a scanner works and how to get the best possible files from it. In this chapter, we cover everything you need to know to maximize your scans.

Considering Copyright

In today's digital world, you can copy just about anything easily: photos, music, software, and so on. Because of this ease, we tend to lose sight of the rights or the person who created the thing we are copying. In recent years, we have seen several ...

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