Chapter 20. Ten Reasons to Own a Digital Camera

In This Chapter

  • Five professional-life reasons to go digital

  • Four personal-life reasons to go digital

  • One good-for-the-future-of-the-planet reason to go digital

Picking just ten reasons to own and use a digital camera is hard. In an effort to play to heartstrings everywhere, I've included ideas about job-related shooting, uses in the home, travel considerations . . . the list goes on and on, but this list only goes up to ten. After that, you have to use your imagination.

The gap in capability between 35mm film and high-end digital cameras disappeared some time ago. The technology that allows digital cameras to match 35mm quality is now found in quite reasonably priced equipment. (Admittedly, only the most expensive digital camera backs for very expensive high-quality cameras can even think about competing with medium or large format film.) If you haven't yet gone over to the digital side, here are some convincing arguments to make the jump. If you already are digital in mind, body, and lens, read the list anyway — it might give you a few points for future discussions with traditionalists.

Ten Reasons to Own a Digital Camera

Shooting Digital for Your Work

In the field, in the studio, and even in the home and on the road, digital offers a number of advantages over film:

  • No processing time (or cost): You don't have to wait to start editing your images. Instead, you download to your ...

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