Chapter 15. The Wide World of Filters

Filters apply special effects to your images. They’re both incredibly useful and outrageously fun. You can run them on image layers, masks, channels, shapes, and even Type layers. The list of special effects you can create by applying filters once, twice, or even ten times is a mile long. There are a slew of the little buggers too, each with its own special brand of pixel wrangling. As of this writing, Photoshop sports 13 filter categories, each of which includes anywhere from 2 to 15 filters!

You’ve already seen a few filters in action like the ones used for sharpening (The Smart Sharpen Filter), blurring (Blur), adding texture to type (Texturizing Type), and mapping one image to the contours of another (Mapping One Image onto Another). But that’s just a tiny sliver of what’s available. In this chapter, you’ll be immersed in the world of filters and discover how you can use them to:

But before you start plowing through the Filter menu, ...

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