Chapter 1: Making Selections

In This Chapter

check.png Capturing selections with the Marquee tools

check.png Roping selections with the Lasso tools

check.png Picking up pixels with the Magic Wand tool

check.png Selecting quickly to save time

No matter how much you know about Photoshop, if you can’t make a good selection, your work will look like it belongs with the creatively (but poorly) composed images in those weekly tabloid rags. You know what I’m talking about — those pictures that go alongside headlines like “Bat Boy Wins Bake-Off” and “Woman with 16 Fingers Wins Typing Contest.”

remember.eps Making accurate selections is the key to creating and editing images effectively so that the result looks flawless. Fortunately, Photoshop offers a bevy of tools and techniques for creating selections, from the simple to the complex. Photoshop offers three basic methods of creating a selection: using a selection tool or method, using the Pen tool, or creating a mask.

In this chapter, I give you the foundation you need to use the selection ...

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