Chapter 18. Online Albums and Slideshows

In the last chapter, you learned how to email photos. But what if you’ve got legions of friends—do you have to email your pictures to everyone individually? Not with Elements, which makes it incredibly simple to post images online, thanks to, a one-stop shop where you can share your photos and back them up. You can create fancy online albums complete with professional-looking effects, courtesy of Flash, the ubiquitous Adobe program that’s responsible for zillions of nifty online animations.

If you have Windows, Elements can also help you put together elaborate slideshows, complete with slick between-photo transitions like wipes and dissolves, clip art, and even audio. And for the perfect combination of high-tech wizardry and old-school charm, you can make digital flipbooks, simple slideshows that are easy to share with friends. Like the paper flipbooks of yore, these little shows can make a series of still photos appear to move, like a cartoon. In this chapter, you’ll learn the ins and outs of all these ways of sharing photos.


Alas, the fancy slideshows and flipbooks didn’t make it into the Mac Organizer, but Apple fans can still make online albums and PDF slideshows. And if you have the App Store version of Elements, you can’t create any of the projects described in this chapter, since you don’t have the Organizer.

Online Albums

Adobe calls these “albums,” but the online albums you create from Elements aren’t just boring, grid-like ...

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