Some of the things we’re very pleased with in Photoshop Elements 11 are the ease of performing many editing tasks, the simplicity of methods, and a very classy new user interface. Sure, Elements has some nifty new features, but this version has been improved under the hood for much faster performance and ease of operations.

Elements shines on its own turf and is distinguished from Adobe Photoshop in many ways. Not only a program for improving image quality, Elements is a complex software application that offers you many different editing tools for designing a variety of photo creations and sharing your photos in a number of ways. Of course, Elements also gives you all the standard editing features you need for, say, controlling image brightness or working with color correction.

Why should you buy Elements (and, ultimately, this book)? The range of people who can benefit from using Elements is wide and includes a vast audience. Elements has something for everyone — from beginning image editors to intermediate users to amateurs and professionals with more advanced skills.

Experienced users of Photoshop Elements will find many changes in the way you approach editing tasks. Some are not all that intuitive. The benefit is that after you discover these new approaches, you’ll appreciate the work the Adobe Development Team has accomplished with this version. Hopefully, this book will assist you in getting up to speed with new approaches to familiar editing tasks.

If you’re ...

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