Chapter 4: Setting Your Preferences

In This Chapter

check.png Working with preferences

check.png Adjusting Editor preferences

check.png Choosing Organizer preferences

The Photoshop Elements program accommodates a wide range of photographers and artists who have a wide range of needs. Not every individual who works in the program is likely to work the same way or use the same tools consistently. When you think of all the creative options you have for editing photos and then consider your hardware advantages and limitations, you can begin to design a personal working environment.

Elements understands a user’s need to tailor the program to fit specific needs. That’s why it provides you with some methods for creating your personal work environment by using a set of preferences you can adjust to your personal work style.


Understanding Preferences

A preference setting is an adjustment in the Preferences dialog box that has an effect on edits you make to pictures, on the behavior of tools and menus, and on the controls that affect Elements.

When you make a choice in a Preferences dialog box, the new setting takes ...

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